Building a custom home is a hands-on experience for our clients. We work together to plan and build a home that fits your style, family, and parcel. Each home is different, yet the building process you’ll go through is similar:

Efficient Collaboration
The design and build departments of our business integrated. This integration allows a higher level of efficiency by avoiding the conventional system of hiring an architect and general contractor separately. With Epic Construction Services, LLC there is no back-and-forth between the different parties; if you have any questions related to your project, Epic Construction Services, LLC is available to answer them.

Smarter Budgeting
The design and budget of your project is set simultaneously using our design build method. This allows for us to begin the project on the right foot with everyone on the same page, resulting in a smoother transition between every phase of the project. When the architect is involved in the budgeting, it also allows them to design a project that is more cost-effective.

Faster Delivery
Because we offer designers, engineers, and architects to cover all facets of the development of your residential or commercial project, we can complete the project more quickly than others using a traditional construction method. The design-build method used by Epic Construction Services, LLC is adaptable to fit all situations. This ensures that the countless timelines for each phase of the project are managed and handled efficiently.